Does Keto Diet Exercise Help Lose Weight?

One misconception about ketogenic diets is that they require a lot of exercise and eating less to lose weight. Many people push themselves to do exhausting physical activities, but still can’t lose a significant amount of weight. On the other hand, some people only do light exercises or light weight lifting but were able to lose a great amount of weight. So what is the real deal here? Will Keto diet exercise help me lose weight?

The truth is you don’t really need to exercise to lose weight while on a ketogenic diet. The correct implementation of the diet alone will help you lose the unwanted fats in your body. How? It is the combination of the low-carb, high-fat intake, which will suppress your appetite and help you to eat fewer calories. The low-carb, high fat intake also assists with the fat burning metabolism of the body once you are in ketosis state. However, that doesn’t mean exercise has no place in a Keto diet. The key is to exercise in the right way. But what does that look like?

Should I be doing heavy exercises on a Keto diet?

Incorporating heavy exercise, especially cardio exercises, does not necessarily mean faster weight loss. In fact, over exercise will only lead to overeating. Here’s why:

  • Too much cardio will make you hungrier – prolonged exercise will demand more calories, which will make you eat more than what a standard keto diet plan allows.
  • Too much cardio will decrease your leptin level – leptin is the satiety hormone. It helps you feel full with less calories, thus, preventing more food intake. A decrease in leptin will increase your appetite and will make you want to eat more.

Over-exercise also results in higher risk of injury, and increases body stress. Though this is the case, don’t get confused by all this information.  Exercise is not a bad thing, over-exercise is. Intense exercise while on a keto diet will not help you reduce your weight. This exercise mentality is counter intuitive on the keto diet.

What kind of exercise should I incorporate into a Keto diet?

Moderate exercise is good for the body while on ketogenic diet because of the following reasons:

  1. It will help you build leaner muscle, or more muscles. This will make you feel good about yourself and will keep you on your keto diet plan. Plus, with more muscles, you will be able to burn more calories even at rest.
  2. It improves immunity. During ketosis, you will feel some side effects to your health. Moderate keto diet exercise will help you withstand these temporary bad effects.
  3. It will release the happiness hormone, endorphin. Being on a low-carb diet can cause weakness and bad moods. Endorphin counteracts these side effects by triggering positive feeling in your body. It also helps lessen the perception of pain.

Moderate exercise has many other health benefits to our body, though not directly related to ketogenic diet. Some of them are: improved brain health, better cardiovascular health, greater bone mineral density, lower blood sugar level, and lower mortality risk.

All in all, keto diet exercise can bring many health benefits if done moderately and not as a means to faster reduction of weight. If done correctly, it will make you feel good about yourself, along with the other results of your ketogenic diet. Just remember to get enough rest, drink enough water, and strictly follow your keto diet plan. Surely, you will feel confident and satisfied with all your efforts to keep yourself healthy.

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